Accomodation in the Bohemian paradise

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Would you like to spend your holiday in the Bohemian Paradise near the Kost castle? The surrounding makes it possible to go hiking, to cycle or relax. Our house is in a little village called Dobsin in a quiet place close to a forest.

The rooms are furnished luxuriously. There are bedrooms with two, three, or four beds with its own shower and toilet. There is a kitchen and a lounge. You can also use a terrace, an exercise room, a playground, a parking close to the house and a paddling pool. Now you can also borrow a bicycle from us.

address and contact#:
Miroslav Folprecht
Dobšín 39
294 04 Dolní Bousov
Czech republic
+420 606 465 400
+420 720 451 462
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